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The Neathabella Palm or Chamaedorea elegans, is the shorter, fuller version of its cousin the Bamboo Palm and inherits many of its characteristics.  It’s a classic among its peers because it was one of the first plants to be cultured for use inside homes and places of business.  Native to the rain forests of southern Mexico and Guatemala, this little gem is one of the best performers among palms in lower-light conditions, often sustaining in nothing more than indirect and indoor lighting.  It’s sometimes called the Parlour Palm or Parlor Palm for its use in Victorian parlors of the 19th Century (it’s definitely been around a while) and rated by NASA as one of the top 50 indoor plants that clean the air.  If you’re looking for a great low-light performer of the 21st Century, the Neanthabella is a excellent choice.

Plant Details

Size 2-3', 3-4'
Difficulty Easy Care Level
Light Low Light, Medium Light, Bright Indirect Light
Pet Friendly This plant is safe for pets

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If you’re looking for a nice, short palm, that made NASA’s list of top plants for cleaning air then consider the Neanthe Bella Palm – it’ll last long in lower light conditions with very little care.  Here’s what you need to know if you’re getting a Parlor Palm:


Much likes its cousin the Bamboo Palm, the Neathe Bella should be watered to maintain soil moisture considered damp, not wet; overwatering can cause the leaves to yellow and drop.  Please see our watering guide for more information.


While this palm can tolerate lower light levels than other palms, it will thrive adjacent to an east-, south-, or west-facing window.  So, good filtered natural light or bright florescent light will keep this palm growing strong.  With its smaller stature, don’t be afraid to move it around – but be careful not to expose it to direct summer sun.


Like other plants shipped fresh from Florida, you won’t need to feed this palm for at least 6 months after you get it.  That’s because there are residual nutrients in the soil from when the palm was being propagated.  After 12 months, it can be fed quarterly with a complete fertilizer formulated for interior plants.  Please refer to our plant nutrition guide for details.


This plant, with its numerous stems and plentiful leaves and leaflets can be a challenge to clean.  While we still prefer a cleaning regimen with water and a light soap solution, it would be okay to break out the feather duster on this plant.  Make sure your feather duster is clean though – it’s a primary way to get bugs from one plant to another.  And since the Chams are susceptible to spider mites, it’s especially important with this plant.


The leaves of the Neanthebella Palm form sheaths around the stem.  The older leaves at the bottom of the plant will yellow and turn brown, and it’s easy to just give a little twist and tug to get the old leaves off.  The only time you’ll need pruners to care for a Neanthebella is if one of the stems gets too tall or out-of-line with the rest of the plant.  In that case, we recommend pruning the stem at the base where it emerges from the soil.  You should never cut a stem in half because the plant does not generate new growth from mid-stem pruning cuts.


There’s always a chance for mealybugs or mites to set up camp on your Neanthebella Palm.  Look for the little white cottony mealybugs at the base of the leaves, on the stems, and especially under the leaf sheaths between the sheath and the stem; mites will hide on the bottom side of the leaves and produce webs.  Be extra vigilant when scouting for mites, as they can do irreparable harm quickly often mistaken for dust on the underside of the leaves.  If you see either of these, break out the spray bottle with a light soap solution and spray them daily ’til they’re gone.


Keep an eye out for the bugs mentioned above, and you’ll enjoy this palm for a long while.

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Parlor Palm

(63 Reviews)
  1. William Chess Verified Buyer

    The most amazing company I’ve ever worked with. The customer service was personalized: I received help with size to choose, directions in care etc. I’ve never bought anything ever that made it so easy to purchase an item.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you for the wonderful comments. We’re happy to help if you need anything going forward!

  2. Ken Larsen Verified Buyer

    Full, lush, healthy and beautiful.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks – Sue

  3. Ken Larsen Verified Buyer

    The plants are great, the planters are beautiful, but nothing compares to the outstanding customer service provided by Sue!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for the nice comments! Happy to help however you need it!

  4. Bretton W. Verified Buyer


    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you!

  5. kim schnorr Verified Buyer
  6. ALEX KENNEDY Verified Buyer

    We bought two of these parlor palms and couldn’t be happier with them!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for letting us know!

  7. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    I almost never provide a review; however, the excellent service, gorgeous/healthy plant, and the thorough “unboxing” instructions video make this experience memorable. We LOVE our new Parlor Palm! Thank you PLANTZ!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for letting us know and we’re so glad the weather finally cooperated and allowed us to get this to you!

  8. Rebecca F. Verified Buyer

    The parlor palm is gorgeous. This company is a pleasure to work with. They ship quickly and the plants arrive healthy and looking great! Customer service is easy to get responses from and very helpful. I highly recommend buying your plants from Plantz!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for the awesome comments! Happy to help anytime you need us!
      Thanks- Sue

  9. James Eagar Verified Buyer
  10. Arnie Rowlands Verified Buyer
  11. Joe S. Verified Buyer

    Great support throughout the entire ordering/delivery process. Many Thanks !

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      You are very welcome. We’re here to help if you need us!
      Thanks- Sue

  12. Melanie Verified Buyer

    The palm I got was lush and healthy. I also got the best support from Sue. I’ve asked her many questions about how to care for my plant, is the plant ok, do I need to worry etc and she answered each one of them patiently and promptly. It’s the first time I felt that I have bought a plant and someone cares for my plant as much as I do. 🙂 I really appreciate the support and keep up the good work!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks Melanie! I think you are finding out that it isn’t quite as hard to care for your plant as you thought it would be! Having the right tools makes all the difference! Happy to help any time you need us!

  13. Yolanda M. Verified Buyer

    Amazing quality and service!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you! Enjoy!

  14. Elke Verified Buyer

    I purchased this for my son, and he absolutely loved it. It was packed securely, there was no damage in transit.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for letting us know and we’re so glad he is enjoying it!

  15. Susan G. Verified Buyer
  16. Kim J. Verified Buyer
  17. Sandra Newton Verified Buyer

    The plant is beautiful (as hoped) and thriving. This is due, in large part, to the careful packing and the instructions emailed to me to assist me in assuring my new plant continues to grow. I would also like to comment on the speedy and truly delightful service I received when I had problems with ordering on the site. My concerns were addressed *immediately* and courteously. I’m truly content with Plantz!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks so much and I’ll remember you for a long time after the crazy time we had getting this order to process! I’m glad it was all worth it!

  18. Bobbi leider Verified Buyer

    So green and lush. Just beautiful

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks Bobbi!

  19. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Great customer service and the plant was in amazing condition when it arrived. Thanks

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks so much! We’re here to help going forward if you have questions!

  20. C Witter Verified Buyer

    Can’t tell you enough how impressed I am with the plants, the shipping conditions and timing. I will tell anyone looking for plants to check you out.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you! We appreciate you letting others know and we do take pride in our beautiful plants!

  21. Karla B. Verified Buyer

    My parlor palm arrived quickly and it was so healthy and lush! I couldn’t be happier. Sue was so helpful before and after my purchase to answer all my questions and to share thorough information about the care for my new beautiful parlor palm!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks Karla! We loved your photos too! Plants and furbabies look great!

  22. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    The plant was actually larger then I expected. It has a lovely full shape. It came in excellent condition. So far the plant is doing well. I love it!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for letting us know!

  23. Brandon S. Verified Buyer
  24. Spencer C. Verified Buyer

    Sebastian (our parlor’s name) is so beautiful! He arrived far larger and more mature than we had ever dreamed! The packaging was superb by any standard, and we are frequent plan purchasers. His branches were well protected and restrained and the box was reinforced in the tall corners and at the top edge of the planter which was impressively more effective than any other plant we have received by mail. I cannot sing enough praise to our experience, this purchase has set a new standard that will absolutely bring us back as repeat customers for any future plant needs that the Plantz team has to offer.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for the very nice comments! We’re here to help if you need us!
      Thanks – Sue

  25. Carol Fogarty Verified Buyer

    Plant not doing well. Unhappy to find it is infested with spider mites!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Hi Carol – the mites can come in on produce, fresh flower and other sources and they are especially prevalent in the warm summer months. If you have not used the cleaning solution that I provided in my care instruction email, this is why it has mites. Please start using the solution and remove any brown or damaged foliage by trimming off the fronds as close to the main stalk as possible. Please see the email that I sent you for further instruction.
      Thanks – Sue

  26. Dawn Lopez Verified Buyer

    Absolutely fabulous plant and overall experience. I cannot wait to order more plants from them. 😉

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for the nice comments and let us know if you need help with selections for other areas!!

  27. Veronica M. Verified Buyer
  28. Kimberly Walker Verified Buyer

    Beautiful and healthy!

  29. Mary C. Verified Buyer

    I’m completely skeptical about buying plants online and only did so because I couldn’t find thisbspecues locally. But this plant was huge as advertised, full and lush, well packaged, and did not have even a single broken stem when I arrived. And it was a 3′ Palm! I would definitely buy from them again.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Wonderful! We’re so glad it arrived safely and you’re happy with it. If we can help you in the future, please let us know!
      Thanks – Sue

  30. mark Verified Buyer
  31. Julie B. Verified Buyer

    Absolutely beautiful, robust, and healthy…

  32. Lori Verified Buyer
  33. Vijaya Verified Buyer

    Great healthy plants, service was great delivered in timely manner. I actually ordered 4 plants in total from Plantz and was very happy with all of them. Sue is very helpful thanks so very much.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for your order and I was very happy to help!

  34. Sally Verified Buyer

    This plant is absolutely amazing! Wonderful packing job, too!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you! Shannon and John are the best at getting the plants packed up so there is no damage during their time with FedEx.

  35. Andrea M. Verified Buyer

    Great customer service and product

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you!

  36. Matthew Tompkins Verified Buyer

    Far exceeded my expectations. Healthy, full, and beautiful!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      While many of the states are chilly in the winter, we’re still growing in Florida! Thanks for the nice review!

  37. Amanda W. Verified Buyer

    I am in love with this beauty!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer


  38. Nina Schilling Verified Buyer

    Excellent Service, ordered plant on a Wednesday, received Plant on Saturday. Arrived in perfect condition. Thank you.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks you for letting us know. We’d love a photo if you’d like to share one!

  39. Ayla A. Verified Buyer

    Love it!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for letting us know! We’d love to add a photo to our album if you’re able to send us one. Enjoy!
      Thanks – Sue

  40. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  41. Michael Kronenberg Verified Buyer
  42. Priscilla Adler Verified Buyer

    Beautiful, super healthy plant arrived in perfect shape! My only worry is that the growers pot just fits in the planter, so it is difficult for me to monitor watering. However, the plant is very happy!

    • Sue Waltzer

      Hi Priscilla – thanks for the nice comments! Once the plant has acclimated, you’ll be able to use your probe to monitor the moisture needs and will only need to check the liner when the seasons change as this is when the watering needs will change. Try to gently lift the plant up a bit to peek down inside to make sure it isn’t sitting in water.
      We’d love a photo if you’re able to share!
      Thanks – Sue

  43. Nita Verified Buyer

    My Parlor Palm is so lush and beatiful. It was packaged very carefully and arrived in great shape. I appreciated the note ahead of time from Sue with instructions on caring for my new plant. Great job!

    • Sue Waltzer

      Hi Nita – Thanks for the nice comments! We’d love to see a photo if you’re able to share one.
      Thanks – Sue

  44. Christian Verified Buyer

    It’s much better than I expected. Healthy and full looks just like the picture.

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thanks so much for the nice note! We’d love to see a photo if you’re able to share one!
      Thanks – Sue

  45. Steven D. Verified Buyer

    Love everything about the plant and the service provided!

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thank you so much! We’re very glad that you love your new plant!

  46. Stephanie Verified Buyer

    I am the proud owner of a new Parlor Palm from Plantz. The palm is absolutely gorgeous and it arrived via FedEx in perfect condition. Two weeks later, it appears to be happy in its new home and is still green and fluffy — doesn’t look like it was traumatized at all after being shipped. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and will definitely return to Plantz in the future.

  47. Deborah McCoy Verified Buyer
  48. Yolanda Verified Buyer

    My parlor palm is very healthy, was securely packed, and arrived in excellent condition. Sue’s helpful emails and availability to answer questions were amazing! She provided detailed, easy to follow steps to insure success with my new purchase. Rarely have I experienced such meaningful customer service. I am pleased to report that the the plant is thriving, did not loose any leaves in the transition and has new growth after 2 weeks in its new home!! Could not be more pleased!

  49. Josh Verified Buyer
  50. Josie Verified Buyer

    This was a gift for my daughter. The plant arrived healthy and was beyond my daughters expectations. Thank you for great communications and products.

  51. Kelly Hanson Verified Buyer
  52. Jennifer Verified Buyer

    Sue was most responsive and helpful. The plant came perfectly wrapped-healthy and beautiful.

  53. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Beautiful plant, just like pictured and in great health, with new growth. Delivery was great and the unpacking was not problematic but do use a tarp or unpack the plant outside because some of the soil might shift and crumble out as you unpack the plant.

  54. Grace Lee Verified Buyer

    It was my first shopping at Plantz. I was so impressed with the beautiful and heathy plant and customer service. I got three plants this time, and I will meet Plantz again when I need more plants. Thank you so much!

  55. Alison Kretzer Verified Buyer
  56. Reshawn Verified Buyer

    Looks Great

  57. Lynn Duke Verified Buyer

    The plant is beautiful and so healthy!! It shipped perfectly with no damage. The directions were excellent! I will definitely order again.

  58. Christina emling Verified Buyer
  59. Martin M Pressman Verified Buyer


  60. laine walker Verified Buyer
  61. Kim G. Verified Buyer

    This plant is beautiful and full, my mom loves it!

  62. Taneka Verified Buyer

    Plant arrived in good condition. Awesome follow-up service with outstanding customer support.

  63. Anonymous Verified Buyer
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