Shipping outside the Tampa Bay area is done through UPS when shipping to the West coast and Fedex in the East coast.  Our packaging techniques have passed UPSs “drop test”.  If your plant is damaged in transit, please contact us at immediately and keep all packaging materials.  When you contact us, please –

  • Provide Tracking Number / Order Number.
  • Photo of UPS/FedEx label.
  • 2-3 Photos showing the condition of the box.
  • 1-2 Photos showing the condition of the plant

When necessary, we will file a claim with UPS/FedEx and issue the damage call tag to have the package and plant picked up.

All this shipping business is expensive – we realize that – and we’ve partnered with UPS and FedEx to get good rates.  Most of the plants we ship are packaged in big boxes, with dimensions that exceed UPS/FedEx averages.  We’re simply acknowledging that it’s a significant part of the overall sales price of our plants – we get it.  But our bet is that the overall price, combined with the convenience of having a beautiful plant delivered to your doorstep, is less expensive and/or easier than it is to get it locally in many markets.

Please note, however, that packaging and shipping live plants is some science and some art, and even during ideal conditions, we can’t guarantee that a leaf or two won’t be broken or lost in transit.  If this happens, and the plant still meets your expectations, please place the plant properly and care for it properly and let the leaves grow back; if, however, you are dissatisfied with the condition of the plant, please contact us and email photos of the damage within 5 days. We will have our team access the damage to determine if there is a way to remedy the damage and/or offer partial refund. A replacement plant or a full refund will be issued if the damage is significant and we feel that the care needed to bring it back to health could be challenging or lengthy. In most cases, some additional care and a little bit of time is all it will need to be a beautiful specimen. Our goal is for you to be happy with your plant. If you are not happy, please contact us; if you are happy, please feel free to contact us too, and send us pictures of the happy you with your plant and we’ll happily post it on our site and social media.  PS – if you send us pictures, you’re giving us permission to use them and your name on our site and other social media…and thanks!



Tampa-Area Pick-Up

If you select this option, you will need to pick up your plant at 6202 Eugene St, Tampa, FL 33619 – please use the 62nd Street entrance (west gate). You will be notified when your order is ready and you will have 2 business days to get it. We’re open Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 3:00ish. Your plant will be sleeved, but not boxed; so you will need a vehicle large enough to get your plant inside it. Transporting your new plant in the back of a pickup truck is not recommended. Tampa-area customers may also select ‘UPS Ground’ or “FedEx Ground’ and, depending on your address, we will deliver it aboard one of our vehicles or let UPS/FedEx handle it. Either way, the same shipping charges apply.



Extreme Temperature Shipping Notice

Temperatures at and below freezing and above 85 degrees can damage and ruin tropical foliage. Some shipments may be delayed if it is expected to experience very low or very high temperatures in transit or at the destination address.


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