Plant sales van to deliver plants
Van with old, 35-character brand name…brilliant.

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About PLANTZ?  You want to know about PLANTZ?  Well, we have roots (pun intended) back to the 70’s here in our home town of Tampa, Florida (aka “Champa”).  That was the very early stages of the interior plantscaping industry – a truck, a water bucket, and a smile qualified you as a technician in the fledgling, and growing field of plant maintenance (pun, again, intended).  The industry grew through the 80’s and 90’s, and the foliage-growing and nursery business expanded in Homestead and Apopka, Florida – both areas that are a reasonable drive from Tampa.  During that time, too, companies caring for plants grew, merged, became acquired, and were traded as some general consolidation ensued.  So, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, two Tampa-based companies – Living Plants, Inc. and Evergreen Interiors, LLC – merged, and in a stroke of marketing genius the company was re-named “Living Plants/Evergreen Interiors, LLC” and all of our service vehicles were adorned with that creative 35-character name.  Lots of letters, but short on style.  Ugh!  About 2004, there was a shift in the business partnership and we started to re-think our brand and our market position, and we staked our claim on the plantz.us domain name and re-branded the entire company as simply “PLANTZ”.  Just six characters, but we think is says it enough about us to leave it at that.

Packaging team - engineering safe plant shipment!
Packaging team – engineering safe shipment!

OK so far?

Through the 2000’s, the company grew, only to hit the 2008-Lehmann -Financial-Crisis speed bump that most everyone in the USA encountered.  It was after the crisis that we wanted to diversify our offerings and started toying with the idea of shipping big foliage plants to plant lovers throughout the country.  What if we started with some of the best foliage plants in the world, packaged them just right, enclosed them in a protective sleeve, put them in box, and shipped them?  Could it be done?  Will people buy them?  Well, it’s been a slow start, shipping a few plants here and there – a few Lisa Canes, a Kentia Palm, a Janet Craig, and several Ficus Lyrata – gaining more confidence with each successful box of green happiness.  So, with a desire to increase our country’s Gross National Happiness and persuaded by our web development team – who assured us we could take orders online – we have opened plantz.com.

Now, we know we can successfully get them to you, but the ‘will people buy them’ question is still up to you.  We hope you’ll find a plant you like, let us get it to you and help you keep it growing strong for years to come.

There you have it…the short version of ‘About PLANTZ’.

Boxed up Ficus Lyrata Plant for sale going to Fedex
Getting it to FedEx…one way or the other.