The Biophilic Design

The Biophilic Design

What is Biophilic Design? Well, if we start by defining biophilia, that meaning would be “a human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature.” Here at PLANTZ we translate that to mean bringing the living nature from outside, indoors. What is an example of non-human living things and nature… PLANTS! Now add the word design to the definition, and you get – the human love of nature brought into a design movement within workplaces and homes, to provide a sense of calm while promoting a healthier lifestyle and more productivity in the environment. With that piece of clarity, we want to discuss the Biophilic Design and how you can implement it into your workspace specifically, whether you work from home. If it is an at-home office, or if you are an employer trying to make a better environment for your employees, either of these options can implement the Biophilic Design style and change the whole landscape of their space.


Workspace Plant Benefits 

Plants in the office have a multitude of benefits. Studies have shown that plants can significantly affect your employees’ well-being and foster an environment where there is 37% less tension and a decrease of anxiety than other office spaces that do not have plants around.

One of the best things you can do as an employer is to encourage a productive team full of life and a strong work ethic. What if there was a way you could increase that energy just by having a safer and more aesthetic place for your employees to work in, would you do it? The Biophilic Design and the use of indoor plants can help reduce natural fatigue in the office by 38% and increase creativity and productivity by 15%. That means no more lazy and sleepy employees on a regular basis. You heard us right, plants genuinely inspire, and they also make people want to let their creative juices flow and naturally make them more alert and ready for action. The environment around you is one of the most significant factors that determine your motivation, and plants can make your employees want to get more done! By having plants strategically placed in the workspace, you have created an environment that shifts the mindset of employees and puts them in a better headspace to do work and accomplish goals, making your job as a boss a whole lot more comfortable as well.


Health Benefits  

Now, let’s talk about the health benefits that plants can bring on as well.

Here are a few things plants can do for your health:

– Plants help fight cold and flu symptoms

Prevent airborne diseases that can cause health problems

Cure headaches by producing more of an oxygen supply

Lower blood pressure, with a reduction of stress this can affect blood pressure by lowering it and directly preventing from some heart disease

– They can prevent against allergens in the air, so a must-have during allergy season


Your employee’s health should be a priority for you. Why? Well, healthy employees produce a couple of different things that benefit your business in the long run:

– It means fewer sick days taken so more work out of the year being done

– Less procrastination coming from your team because of that spike in productivity

– You are able to get more goals accomplished in a shorter period of time, but the same quality of work.

Healthy minds are essential, but so are healthy bodies. Good thing indoor plants can help promote that level of health. Many indoor plants can help reduce dust and bacteria in the air. At the same time, it also promotes healthy air circulation, so this is especially great if you work in a confined area, have cubical desks, or are working in the same room as multiple people. Scientists say that for every three people in the office you should have one plant, a three to one ratio and this will then reduce the carbon dioxide levels by at least 20% in the space. The more, the merrier we say, though! Make your office an oasis jungle, one your employees are excited to come to, instead of dreading.


More on the Design

The Biophilic Design is not just about plants, though; there are other elements to consider that can make the space more Biophilic Design centered. Choose places with windows and natural light. People commonly unhappy with their jobs work in enclosed spaces with no sunlight. Picking areas with light and windows, proper airflow, and views of natural landscapes outside increase desire to be at work and productivity, not to mention they are all excellent factors for the plant’s health as well; we call that a win-win! Who knew humans were a lot more like plants than we ever realized? Please give us some water, some light, some nutrients, and we are ready to be put to work!

Your office space can be a determining factor for people wanting to work with you. Whether it is a new employee or client, this can make a statement as well. Currently, 47% of workers have no natural light, and 58% have no plants in the workplace. Out of those places, there is less employee retention for the companies that do not have natural light or plants in the office. Turnover employee rate can be detrimental to a business and keep the business from getting things done and being profitable and efficient. Take that into consideration when determining your office space.


Beyond the Plants

You can implement the Biophilic Design past just plants, adding any semblance of greenery helps evoke this specific design style. Here at PLANTZ, we also do plant wall installations. Have a wall space that is empty and could use some livening up *pun intended*. A plant wall might be the best for your office space. It will give it a fresh and modern look to show off to potential clients, but it still has the same health and productivity benefits that the actual plants in potters would. Want to learn more about this option, check out Now add in some nice water features or natural materials like wood or stone, and your space is transforming right before your eyes into the picture-perfect Biophilic Design model. Some water features you could consider are mini fountains or an aquarium. These types of things bring even more of the natural elements indoors and boost the nature vibe to an entirely new level.


So here is your Biophilic Design Checklist…

– Natural Light

– Indoor plants

– Natural elements like stone and wood

– Water features


There you have it! The explanation of Biophilic Design and plenty of reasons why it should be your next revamp around your office!


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